When it comes time to decide whether you want your custom window treatments with a motorized operating system, convenience is a key consideration–but it is not the only one. Enhanced safety is another benefit. As is greater energy efficiency. Below, you can browse the benefits of all our motorized operating systems. You can also watch [...]

Rolling Shutters

Rolling Shutters improve your home’s security. They deter intruders with their aluminum construction and standard BLOCKSUR™ locks. The BLOCKSUR™ is an innovative new self-locking solution added to our rolling shutters for increased protection. With the new BLOCKSUR™ downward force is exerted on the shutter reducing light and increasing the security. In fact, rolling shutters are recognized by [...]

The Benefits of Fabric Awnings…..

I invite you to explore my website to discover the benefits of fabric awnings and to find ideas for awnings for your home. Awnings are an affordable home accessory that will enhance a beautiful backyard, help to reduce energy cooling costs and provide protection from the sun’s damaging rays as well as inclement weather. Fabric [...]

Plantation Shutters

Have you thought about your “Heating Bill” this winter? What is the temperature on your thermostat? These are normal concerns during the winter months. Many people today presume that leaving the front door open too long will let all the heat out from your home. It is true to some degree. However the biggest problem [...]