Rolling Shutters

Rolling Shutters improve your home’s security.
They deter intruders with their aluminum construction and standard BLOCKSUR™ locks. The BLOCKSUR™ is an innovative new self-locking solution added to our rolling shutters for increased protection. With the new BLOCKSUR™ downward force is exerted on the shutter reducing light and increasing the security.

In fact, rolling shutters are recognized by law enforcement agencies as a major deterrent to crime. For added convenience, choose a key switch entry or integrate Rolling Shutters with your home automation system.

Rolling Shutters protect you from the weather.
Rolling Shutters also provide significant money savings by reducing energy costs in your home or business. Our shutters give you a “dead air space” (the space between the window and the shutter), which is the most important aspect of insulation effectiveness. While the sun can produce temperatures in excess of 165° through windows and glass doors,  Rolling Shutters eliminates 99% of the sun’s rays from ever reaching inside. Stopping the heat can save up to 60% on the cost of cooling the interior space.
Conversely, 47% of heat loss during the winter occurs through these same openings. Rolling Shutters provide an excellent barrier against this heat loss, utilizing the same “dead air space” and foam filled aluminum slats. In addition to these energy saving benefits, Rolling Shutters’ affordable pricing adds to the overall value and aesthetics of your home, making your purchase both an immediate and long-term investment.

Rolling Shutters give ultimate privacy.
Roll your shutters down so prying eyes can’t see in. Put them in the “vented” position and enjoy gentle light filtering into the room without all the heat.  Shutters also help reduce disturbing noises from outside. With rolling shutters you are in control of your environment.

You are in control.
We exclusively use Somfy motors and controls in all of our products. Somfy is the world leader in retractable controls. Choosing the perfect combination of controls provides convenience to match your lifestyle.

  • Simple designer switches
  • Remote controls
  • Home automation interface
  • Timers
  • Manual Overrides

We can set up a system to run one shutter or any number of shutters from one location or multiple locations.  We are professional solar control experts and we can help you design the system you need. For more information on controls see the *TECHNICAL* section.

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