Benefits of a Fabric Awning…..

I invite you to explore my website to discover the benefits of fabric awnings and to find ideas for awnings for your home. 

Awnings are an affordable home accessory that will enhance a beautiful backyard, help to reduce energy cooling costs and provide protection from the sun’s damaging rays as well as inclement weather.

Fabric Awnings for Homes:

• Save you money by reducing your home’s energy consumption

• Offer a long-term outdoor space solution at a lower cost than a home addition

• Create an upscale outdoor living room with shape, dimension and color that fits your home decor

• Provide customized control for when you want the sun and when you don’t

“Awnings can directly affect energy use by simply blocking the sun. heat gain through windows is one of the main reasons why buildings need air conditioners… In some climates you can save 20 to 25% of your cooling energy just by using awnings.” — John Carmody, Director, Center for Sustainable Building Research, University of Minnesota